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Dr. Zoltán Zöllei



Name: Dr. Zoltán Zöllei
Date and place of birth: 25 December 1965, Balassagyarmat, Hungary
Mother’s name: Magdolna Horváth
Address: 2040 Budaőrs, Nefelejcs út 1-3. 8/B/lph. II./15
Phone: +36 20433 9752


2012 Self-defence expert at National Security

2009 MH KKB ( Military Exercise Traning Center) Szentendre

Close and Hand to Hand Combat Expert

2006 Senior Officer, Human Resource Department, Ministry of Defence

Secured the annual meeting of Procter and Gamble

2004 ReCreativ Nonprofit Ltd, MoD

Sport Management and Recreation Department

Head of Department

Organized and secured amateur MoD sport competitions.

2001-2003 Holiday, Sport and Event Management Nonprofit Ltd. Sport, Health and Recreation Directorate

Assistant Director:
Organized amateur MoD sport competitions.
Conducted physical aptitude tests.
Organized and secured sport and recreational programs.
Secured a NATO conference.

1995-2001János Bolyai Technical Military College, Physical Education Department

Training Officer:
Instructed physical and close combat training.
Worked as a Body Guard, tasked by OSS.

János Lenkey Military Secondary School

Physical Education Teacher, Training Officer:
Taught Physical Education classes.
Organized fighting sports competitions.

1990-1993István Dobó Secondary School

Physical Education Teacher:
Taught Military History as an optional subject.
Taught Self-Defence, tasked by Testőr Kft.


2003 PhD. Doctor of Military Sciences

1999-2002 Doctoral School, Miklós Zrínyi National Defence University

1986-1990 Hungarian University of Physical Education

1988-1991 Post-graduate studies in Sport and Military Technology, Technical University of Budapest

1980-1984 Honvéd Kollégium ( Military Secondary School)


2000 Russian language course specialized in military language, type C basic level language certificate.

2000 ECDL computer course.

1998 English language course specialized in military language, type C intermediate language certificate, Miklós Zrínyi National Defence University.

1997 Six month intensive English course, British Council.


2005 Close Combat Training ( Kraw –maga ), Poland

2000 Winter Mountain-Survival Training, Czech Republic

1999 Para-Commando Parachutist Training, Belgium

1996 Naval Training, Greece

1988 Kyoksul, Korean Close Combat Training, Budapest


Fighting Sports, Martial Arts 2012 President at Hungarian Close and Hand-to hand Combat


Hand to Hand Combat Instructor

1996 Jiu-Jitsu Master

1990 Assistant Judo Instructor

1988 Kyoksul ( Korean military style )

1980 Kyokushin Karate

1973 Wrestling, Boxing