Military melee

Military melee and hand-to-hand combat

Close combat: "In historical times, the only way to completely destroy the enemy. Hand-to-hand combat: "Hand-to-hand combat is a special form of close combat in which hand-to-hand combat is carried out in a changing environment, often under extreme conditions, in a close combat situation, using cold weapons or hand-to-hand combat, with the aim of defeating the enemy and survival."

Dr. Zoltán Zöllei, retired Lieutenant Colonel

Military Close Combat Training

For those interested in military hand-to-hand combat and members of the armed forces, we offer training courses at various levels led by our experts.

The aim of the training is

To provide command and executive staff in the armed forces with a high level of military hand-to-hand combat skills. This will enable them to be familiar with close combat techniques in addition to the use of lethal and non-lethal weapons in the performance of their duties, and to be able to apply them in situations.

Military close combat training

The training is carried out by our highly qualified military and close combat experts with experience at home and abroad, according to a theme drawn up on the basis of the client's requirements.

Training in the use of equipment for military close combat

  • bayonet,
  • infantry shovel
  • rifle + bayonet
  • stick,
  • tools of necessity,