Property protection

The Fundamental Law of Hungary guarantees the right to property and its protection.

The legal regulation provides the owner with the possibility to protect his property even with his own power against unlawful attack, disturbance, disturbance, this is the protection of property.

Security audit

We carry out an accurate assessment of the security situation of companies and local authorities, identify any deficiencies and make constructive proposals to the client in writing to ensure the necessary measures are taken to promote greater security.

The aim of the safety audit is to

  • to determine to what extent and how the asset protection and safety requirements laid down in legislation, standards, official regulations, supervisory instructions, professional recommendations, contractual commitments, internal rules and regulations are being met,
  • to determine the extent to which the security, personnel, organisational and technical conditions necessary for the smooth operation of the establishment are ensured,
  • assess the threats and risks affecting the operation of the undertaking,
  • assess the state and effectiveness of the security system,
  • identify areas for improvement, supplementation or development,
  • propose the necessary measures to ensure that the owner's interests in the security of the assets are safeguarded.

Areas of investigation

  • the security requirements for individuals and organisations, their place of operation, premises and branches, as laid down in legislation, standards, contractual commitments, contracts, quality management systems, and their enforcement,
  • the regulation of the internal order of the site (employer's security requirements), the knowledge of this among employees, in particular the entry and exit of persons, the entry and exit of vehicles, the entry and exit of raw materials/finished products/other materials, the movement within the site and its facilities, authorisations, key management, the locking, opening and control of premises, and the practice of this.

Documentation of the inspection

  • The findings of the inspection, our conclusions and our written proposals for the necessary measures are presented to the client in the form of a complete study.